Global rules for all servers:
  1. Do not share any private personal information about players, Like IP's, phone numbers, address, email, etc, will lead to immediate punishments
  2. No external advertising, (Punishment may vary if it was intentional or not & where the punishment was committed), basically means, no sharing IP's in-game or anywhere related to VenomSurge
  3. No hacks/hacked clients that will damage the server or give you an unfair advantage over other players. For example: Killaura, AntiKB, ect.
  4. No mods that will give you an unfair advantage. For example: Damage Indicators (Will give you a tactical advantage.), X-Ray, Forcefeild ect.
  5. Charging Back or Refunding after have donated will lead to Permanent ban.
  6. No spamming/flooding chat, This means posting the same message multiple times in chat, Flooding is where it gets to the point where no one can speak, Please don't do it.
  7. Spamming a player with /msg is not allowed.
  8. Swearing is allowed but in some circumstances, meaning you are not to use any curse words in shape of form to hurt other players feelings and make them feel unwelcomed.
  9. Don't abuse bugs, (Abusing bugs can lead to punishments, Report them instead and may being rewarded)
  10. No trading in-game items for Ranks / Real Life Items / MC Accounts / Other Gaming Purchases.
  11. Ban Evading/Mute Evading will result in another punishment on top of what you already have, Just accept what you have been banned/muted for and wait out the ban, If you really feel you have been falsely banned, Please go to the appeal section of the forums.
  12. Death Threats of any kind are not tolerated and there will be severe action taken against it.
  13. Posting malicious links in chat will result in a severe punishment. (Virus / Malware links)
  14. Any racism/sexism will not be tolerated, This means directing a hate comment at a skin tone/race or a gender.
  15. All ISP poisoning and threats will be punished, DDoS as most common.
  16. Don't ask staff to get ranks, items, op, etc!
  17. Scamming in real life money will lead to permanent ban.
  18. Anyone caught impersonating staff will be punished.
  19. Any sort of duplication is counted as a bug and is not permitted.
  20. Have fun!
Mega Kits:
These rules are for the Mega Kits part of the network.
  1. Read the global rules
  2. Do not spam kill players
  3. Max 2 per team
  4. Hacking is bannable.
These rules are for the minigame servers, Search And Destroy & other games
  1. Read the global rules
  2. No cross teaming!
  3. No team griefing!
  4. Do not die on purpose!
  5. Make all teams fair. (Example make sure it is not 2 vs 4) 
  6. Don't stall the game!
Forum Rules:
These rules apply on forums.
  1. Swearing is allowed, under most circumstances as long as it's not directed towards others and is obnoxious.
  2. False reporting/forged evidence is disallowed.
  3. Advertising is disallowed.
  4. Necro-posting (replying to old threads 30 Days+) is not allowed.
  5. Micro-posting (Making a very short post, Usaully under 3 words) is not allowed.
  6. Any explicit content is disallowed.
  7. You must post in the relevant area of the forums.