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1. I am 17 years of Age
2. Buck714
4. EST (Eastern Standard Time)
5.  I'm not sure what that means in general but i have only been kicked from Hypixel once for 2 days i'm well mannered and can handle good situations
6.i can speak 2 advanced classes of Chinese 
7.  Terminator
8. yes i do
9.i do not but i will once its up and running unless it already is
10. I want to be staff because i want to have fun playing and helping others so they can also have fun and have the best time on minecraft that they can have
11.  I have been in many managing roles such as managers of CSGO teams, Leagues and as players
12.i play all around
13.i just like to chill around and play games with friends and im trying to get my GF to try to do the same
14. my final words are i hope this server stays awesome with or without me and i will keep on playing and having fun on it :D
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