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1: Age
You will be asked to state your age, if you give us a false age you will be denied, also, you must be over 14 Years old to be accepted; exceptions are rare. 

I will be 15 in a month (April 1st).

2: In Game Name
What's your current Minecraft username?


3: Previous IGN(s)
We request that you supply us with your previous IGN(s) to check if you have had any abusive/rude names, this will be checked against NameMC!

4: Which time zone do you live in? 
This will determine a lot, we need staff in other time zones.

PST (Pacfic Standard Time)

5: Have you ever been punished on VenomSurge or any other server/server forums?
We need well-behaved staff, and players with a bad punishment history will not make it in to our team, if you have had punishments and they are not severe then you won't be affected much, if you have matured since a severe punishment then you may stand a chance later on. VenomSurge Punishments WILL be checked on /history and forum punishments!

I have never been punished before in a severe way.

6: Can you speak multiple languages, and if so, do you speak them fluently?
This is not required of you but may help if we are getting a lot of staff applications, please tell us if you can speak fluently in any other language apart from English.

I speak both English and French fluently.

7: What is your Discord?
All staff are required to have discord, as it is the servers MAIN communication platform, please tell us your discord so we can give you moderator rank if you get accepted.


8: Do you have a decent mic?
This information helps us determine what staff members we should voice call in discord, we need to understand our staff clearly, if we can't hear you it wastes our time calling you.

Yes, I currently use a Blue Yeti which is on the market for $153 CAD.

9: Do you have a donor rank?
Tell us what rank you are currently on the network.


10: Why do you want to be staff?
When we search for new staff members, we do not want players applying just for the joy of having a rank; and for you to prove this, this is by far the section you should work on the most. This area must include your goals, how you would like to help and how much of an impact you think you could make.

First off, I believe my presence will help the server in a lot of beneficial ways. I communicate easily and in a meaningful and confident manner. I am reliable, dependable, reasonable and would dedicate time to the server when possible to fulfill a position as a staff member. I think I would get along with both staff and players easily and would try my very best to help out at all times. I am respectful to others around me and to those in higher positions to me. I also have a part time job, which has helped my skills of teamwork and working in an environment as a staff member. This server has a really nice environment and I feel like I can get along with people really well, I'm a nice person myself (at least I try to be) and I think I can fit into this server really well. I enjoy helping people out and it fills me with joy knowing that I took time out of my day to help someone else with theirs. I don't need to play on the server yet to know how well this will turn out considering the staff team is so well built and everyone acts so mature.

11: Leadership experience.
Tell us about your leadership experience, what it was, what skills you picked up and how this may help you being a VenomSurge staff.

Setting an example for everyone else is super important. Being mature and taking your job seriously is the most important thing you can do as a staff member. You want to let people know that you want them to feel welcome and they are welcome. If everyone is an example what can go wrong? I have worked with servers in the past as Helpers/Moderators, I understand how important it is to act properly. If I was a player I'd love to see mature staff and someone who takes leadership in what they do. One of the first things I look at when I join a server is if the staff are nice or if they don't care that I just joined. If they're nice I'll stay and play the server but if they act rude to me then I'll just find a new server where the staff are mature and nice to the players. So personally I feel like being a leader is very important and I think I can handle that.

12: Where are you playing/active on our server the most?
Do you play Search And Destroy or Mega Kits. (or perhaps active on the forums)? specify where you will be helping/assisting the most.

I will be active every day obviously some days I'll be on more than others. I'll try to be on a couple hours a day on weekdays and on weekends I'll be even more active however it's hard to say considering every day is different and I don't know exactly what I'm doing that day. I'll come online whenever I'm not doing something and if I'm not on enough feel free to tell me and I can change that. However I don't think that will be an issue.

13: Any additional info (hobbies, restrictions etc.?)
We like to know about our applicants very well so we can see if your interesting and reasonable enough to be on our team. though this section doesn't have to be filled in.

I play basketball outside of Minecraft. That's one of the only other things I do but I love playing it so much because it's a really fun sport. Other than that I just like spending time with my family and that's all my life really is. A little boring but not everyone needs an exiting life if they enjoy what they're doing. I also have a part time job if that counts as a hobby, I don't really enjoy it but whatever makes me money. I only work on weekends which is really convenient.

Thanks for reading this application and it means a lot that you just took the time to read it, also thanks for checking out my channel Ryan, haha.


Final Words:
Once again, thanks for applying, if you get denied, try again, your perseverance may be enough to make it in to the staff team in the future!
Good luck!
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