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I like cheese
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how did u post tomorrow??/



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Hello and welcome to VenomSurge! If you're currently not familiar with our server then please feel free to browse our forums and create a topic introducing yourself. We're always welcoming new members and love to hear their story on how they found our community! Now what is VenomSurge about? VenomSurge is a custom coded minigame network that currently supports versions 1.7 - LATEST. Meaning that anyone on a 1.7 or above may join our network. Our headquarters is based on the east coast but our network is hosted in Dallas, Texas. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to visit our support section on the forums.


- Vine (Owner & Developer of VenomSurge)
13 days ago

Nice suggestion!

I'll probably look into this in a future update.
about 1 month ago

Both of those players showed in the video are punished.

Thank you for keep VenomSurge clean!
about 1 month ago

By gui i mean inventory gui not book gui clickable 
and you know the compass at hub the changing color glass like a disco ball 
thats what i mean by that

Ah okay, thank you for clarifying.
about 1 month ago

Hello! I commend you for sharing your interests with us. If you may elaborate on what you mean by "as for the gui i mean a clickable one like if you click a book it opens a gui not the book its self and making the color changing plane glass like the compass gui" that'd be great other than that great suggestions.
about 1 month ago